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                                                                              What does seaweed wrap do for the body?                                                                              

This treatment dates back to ancient times a therapy tested and true. A beneficial 90 minutes of your time spent on delivering a greater sense of well-being to you.

Seaweed or kelp) from the sea has been harvested for thousands of years. It is one of the richest foods found on this planet, improving health as well as boosting the immune system. It is packed with minerals and vitamins and considered by many to be the key to good health as well as beauty and rejuvenation.

Seaweed therapies were first used to treat arthritis rheumatism and joint pain. Over the years those who have been faithful followers of this therapy have noticed a marked improvement in the overall condition and elasticity of the skin’s surface. No plant can compare to seaweed when it comes to the list of active, beneficial ingredients

Detoxifies. A seaweed wrap helps to eliminate toxins from your body. ...
Removes Dead Skin and Moisturizes. Dead skin prevents your body from absorbing moisture. ...
Improves Skin Elasticity and Regeneration. ...
Reduces Cellulite and Improves Body Contouring.

The greatest benefit of detoxifying your body with wraps is improving the health and appearance of your skinseaweed body wrap 1

Your body will first receive soothing dry brush exfoliation then a warm seaweed mask applied to your body before being wrapped in a delicious warm cocoon.While you are cocooned you will receive a relating scalp massage. Afterwards, hydrating Shea Butter will applied to help keep your skin smooth and well hydrated. A seaweed body wrap is an excellent way to relieve daily stress and to help the body feel new and improved. It's a wonderful solution for a healthier smoother, glowing and hydrated skin.
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